Inclusion of Cortana to Skype Will Boost the Global Artificial Intelligence Market

Posted on: Nov-2017 | By: Future Market Research | IT & Telecommunications

The US-located tech major Microsoft has declared that Cortana, its virtual assistant, will now be accessible on Skype, its video communication tool. This decision of the company is sure to boost the global artificial intelligence market. As per official blog post of Microsoft, this feature will be obtainable starting this week for both Android and iOS consumers in the U.S., but as of now there is no data about it arriving to India.

Post this incorporation, Cortana will be capable of providing in-context support in your conversation and offer data on issues such as movie reviews and restaurant options. It can also sense if you are thinking for a meeting and will suggest arranging a reminder, which you will get on all your devices enabled with Cortana. Apart from this, Cortana will also recommend smart answers on the basis of your current going conversation. Along with acting as a helper to your chats, Cortana will also be obtainable as an individual contact. You can request it regarding anything and it will respond the similar way it does on your other devices enabled with Cortana.

The rising use of artificial intelligence by the companies in order to leverage the benefits of disruptive technologies for positioning of their solutions as well as services and effective customer reach is the main reason that is fueling the global artificial intelligence market. The growing applications of artificial intelligence solutions throughout different industries are also the major reasons that have been driving the global artificial intelligence market. In addition to this, increasing application of artificial intelligence in smart robots, deep learning, digital personal assistant, image recognition, language processing, querying method, video analysis, gesture control, context aware processing, speech recognition, and cyber security is towering the global artificial intelligence market.

On contrary to this, the low funding for the artificial intelligence projects is the major factor that has been hampering the growth of the global artificial intelligence market. In addition to this, lack of skilled labors for developing an ideal artificial intelligence system is one of the major reasons that are hindering the growth of global artificial intelligence market.