Comtesse Horological Smartwatch to Boost Up the Global Smartwatch Market

Posted on: Apr-2017 | By: Future Market Research | Consumer Goods & Retailing

Bonanza! There is another smartwatch coming to the market. Get ready to get a sneak peek of the new smartwatch launched at the Baselworld 2017. Alphina, a well-known watch manufacturer has come up with another series of the Comtesse watches. This new technology-based watch is going to take the smartwatch by the storm in the coming years. The new sporty and stylish smartwatch is going make the ladies go gaga over it once it hits the market.

The smartwatch has channeled its elegant and delicate appearance from the Swiss MMT watch. The way the watch looks is going stir the Global smartwatch market for sure. The demand for the sophisticated watches among the public has encouraged Alphina to come up with this very watch. We know what is going on in your head. The price tag, right! The smartwatch is going to be worth the pay no doubt. This stylish, sporty, and smart watch is a milestone Alphina believes to make in this year. The amazing features such as keeping track of the calories, distance covered, steps taken, monitoring sleep, receiving call and email notifications via the MMT-365-smartphone app, sleep cycle alarm, dynamic coaching, get-active alerts, and the autonomous change of time and date whenever the user changes the time zone is set to take the global smartphone market by storm. The other features such as the stainless steel body case, light weight, 36mm fiberglass body, water resistance, and applied luminous indexes or an optional diamond indexes also help add a star to the smartwatch to make it more attractive for the public.

Alphina, the watchmaker, plans to woo the ladies by launching the smartwatch in colors such as mother of pearl, black, and white. This trendy sporty and stylish watch is going to boost the global smartwatch industry not only by its elegance but also by its astounding features.

This Comtesse Horological Smartwatch is a smart chic all ready to make a buzz in the Baselworld 2017 in Switzerland. Alphina’s new Comtesse smartwatch will help the global smartwatch market boom in the coming years.